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Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

This is What I Do!

  • Experience handling everything from traffic cases to murders

  • Prosecutor for 15 years; Defense Attorney for 20 years

  • Familiar with the McHenry County court system 


Phil is a McHenry County criminal lawyer. He started practicing law in 1980. He was Chief Assistant State’s Attorney in McHenry County. He spent a total of 15 years as a prosecutor. During that time, he handled over 3,500 felony drug cases as well as 16 murder cases. He regularly met with court personnel and conducted seminars for police officers. His practice is now devoted to criminal defense.

Phil brings decades of experience to the table when representing clients charged with crimes ranging from domestic battery, to possession of controlled substances, to serious Class X felonies.


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Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured, call Phil! 

  • Skilled trial attorney with substantial jury trial experience

  • Proven track record of winning

Phil has successfully sued individuals, corporations, and insurance companies on behalf of individuals who have suffered personal injuries as the result of another person’s negligence. These civil cases range from falls in a grocery store to auto accidents to wrongful death cases. 

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Times have Changed!

  • Successful DUI lawyer in McHenry County, Illinois

There has been a change in the attitude of law enforcement toward DUI cases.  Not too long ago, an officer would drive a person home.  Now there is a zero tolerance attitude toward DUI. If you have been charged with DUI in McHenry County, call Phil.

Phil has been very successful in defending DUI cases so that clients are able to drive to work, attend to the needs of their families, and avoid a conviction for DUI on their records. Phil's practice as a DUI lawyer focuses on cases in McHenry County.

Phil has been working in the McHenry County courthouse since 1988.  He knows the personnel, the prosecutors for the cities and villages, and the lawyers.


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