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Phil Prossnitz

Attorney at Law

Phil Prossnitz is an experienced criminal trial lawyer in McHenry County, Illinois. He has a track record of obtaining results for his clients. Phil provides criminal defense to clients charged with felony, misdemeanor, DUI, or domestic battery. An experienced trial lawyer, Phil also handles plaintiff's personal injury lawsuits.


For a free initial telephone consultation, call Phil at (815) 206-2969.


Phil was the Chief Assistant State's Attorney in McHenry County and worked for the State's Attorney's Office for more than 12 years. His familiarity with the McHenry County court system makes him an effective advocate. He has handled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases of all types and has successfully argued to juries cases involving felony drug charges, murders, domestic battery, theft, and other serious felonies.


Phil grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Duke University and Tulane School of Law.


There are two sides to every case. There are always legal issues to be raised. It is Phil's duty to see that your rights are fully and zealously defended!


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